In 1992, Goose Island chose to take a rather ordinary if not unremarkable beer and age it in bourbon barrels. Elijah Craig. Jameson. Pappy.

They could not have known the impact they were going to have on food me drink. From shelves of barrel aged beers these days to my most recent condiment purchase, bourbon barrel aged siracha. Goose Island started a movement that transforms the traditional flavors of one item by immersing and absorbing those of another and making use of the most American remnant of remnants: the once used bourbon barrel. Yet for all the competition and look a likes out there,

The Bourbon County Brand Stout is the greatest. It is second to no other beverage…or food item.

It is my favorite consumable physical item in the world that isn’t required for life. I am sad I didn’t get the rare. But I am so happy some friends made sure I got my share. #Iamgrateful. #Iamthankful. Life is simple for me.

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