(NOTE: This post is where I took the next step and wanted to differentiate the posts; giving them a “title” as much as FB would allow. The all caps was that step. There are two more evolutions here, one on the placement of the hashtags and next on the evolution of the title allowing for some point/counterpoint.)

For Millennials, #Iamgrateful. #Iamthankful. Millennial bashing is sad. “They” are, first and foremost, incapable of being singularly defined. Doing so makes us lazy. There are more people aged 24 in the US right now than any other age. “They” are diverse. Dramatically more diverse than any other generation. Age. Race. And I love how older generations get jealous of how “they” don’t stand for the sh*t we sat there and took at their age. I believe we are jealous we didn’t take their stance when we had the chance. “They” aren’t entitled.

But in the few areas they are, their entitlements came from guilt stricken X’ers compensating for their own failed childhoods as ignored latch key kids. This new generation dreams about a better world. Less racism. More equality. Daily meaning. Intrinsic over extrinsic motivation. They have to deal with their own future challenges driven by our consumption economy (you think the sharing economy came out of nowhere? It came from creating a business model that maximizes utility!) “They” have also flipped the model from enslaved employee to employer accountability and responsibility–and when we don’t respond, they leave.

When they leave, as a 40 yo man and manager, believe you me–it is our failure not “their” fickle nature. I find myself inspired by the younger generation I get to work with. We can learn from them and should. I am saddened by how bitter my generation is. Have we become this lazy in our arguments?

Generation Cry Baby: Why Millennials Are a F**king Joke

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