Today is the first full day my little brother, Sohum Bhatt, spends as an engaged man. I reflected back on my proposal to Priya KC Bhatt and some of the things that went through my mind when I was in his shoes. Notably, the reason for the idea of engagement vs marriage in the first place.

Why do you need a stutter step? When you are engaged, aren’t you effectively married as it is?

But my research into the subject 5 years ago only highlighted my own ignorance.

1) An engagement isn’t marriage, it is a promise to marry. As a man, it is the first (and the penultimate) of promises we make, leading to the ultimate delivery on that promise…marriage.

2) Your engaged is your fiancée, but what the hell does that even mean? Well, fiancée derives from the both Latin and French words for “to trust.” Which works beautifully with the idea of promises doesn’t it?

When you bring together points 1) & 2), meaning when you propose and one accepts, literally, when you are “engaged to your fiancée,” you have found the most powerful bond between two human beings: an individual who trusts the promises you make. Today, I am proud that Sohum made a promise to someone (@VS) who trusts his word. #Iamgrateful. #Iamthankful.

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