(NOTE: These were the first posts I made in the spirit of “#iamgrateful #iamthankful”. I didn’t use hashtags until the following post but it came on the heels of some challenging news at work. At which point I took a deep breath, and decided to neither bow out nor sell out, and rather, work out, with an emphasis on being grateful and thankful as a reframe. The attitude and focus carried me through some very tough work, helping me make some powerful things happen without losing myself and while treating others with dignity. I then said farewell and moved on. This, is the beginning of that reframe.)

Defined not by blood but feeling, emotion, and a sense of responsibility. Here is a family tree with forks in all directions and at all life stages. All making our most precious feel most precious. #iamgrateful #iamthankful

HOOK: Today I am thankful for my below the rim game still translating. With a game winning hook shot from about 8 feet over my little bro. #iamgrateful. #iamthankful. #and1

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