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TMLFYI… | Mired in Suck

AnaiyaThere you are. Sleeping. With your hand up. That’s what everyone who looks at this picture is thinking. “She’s sleeping and she broke one hand out of her swaddle.”

I know better. I know you’re actually waving goodbye. Seeing my off on my first day of work since you joined us.

And everything else sucks. I have never wanted to leave a place less than I wanted to leave home. I have never wanted to return to a place more than I wanted to return home. And I’ve never cared so little about what anyone else needs, wants, thinks, feels, or thinks they’re entitled to along the way.

Everything until I get home is going to be mired in suck. TMLFYI mired in suck. I said it. And I don’t care if it sounds like I have a terrible attitude about it. Anyone who’s met you would feel the same way.

Miss you, munchkin.

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