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You are…my dude. My two year old dude. You are clumsy as sin. You are stubborn as hell. You are defiant as humanly possible. And you also have the most incredible laugh, give the most sincere hugs and kisses, have a social awareness that most people never find, and have drunk strength constantly.

You are beloved everywhere you go because that smile (and that hair) and that list for life is inspiring. I’ve heard that your personality is defined and well in hand by age 2. If so, I’m as proud as I can possibly be mostly because I couldn’t be prouder.

You’re my dude. As time moves on I get How this father/son thing goes. You will never copy me. You will react to me. You will see things I do and find ways to do them better. You will see things I do poorly and chart your own course.

But my dude, there are things I do that you’ll never know or see. You’ll only hear about. Those complete the story. Because those happen after the fact. When you can’t react; you can only.

I’m on it. 🙂#iamgrateful and #iamthankful that you carry his name, Jaanu. In your smile, in all your traits, I see his spirit. God bless you, my dude. Thanks for carrying that forward.

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TYMMPB… | You Actually Just Made us all Laugh

This video is incredible. Because you were such a chill baby for so long, but as soon as we got to food, your true personality came out. And all that chill you gave us the first 6+ months we know, was to keep us off-guard and let us know, we were in for a surprise.

FWIW, your Naniji and your Dadiji totally called it.

There’s no advice here. You knew what you wanted. Dadiji to feed you. And your Dadaji took it in stride because, frankly, if your sister had her choice of person to feed her we all know she’d choose your Dadaji. (True story.)

This is the kind of video we’re going to love for years; and it’s the kind of video I’m going to share with all your teachers (and then significant others) — because this is the kind of stuff that’s just you.

It’s just you.

And we love all of it.

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