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I haven’t been sexually assaulted. That’s important to state. But I’ve got a FB wall filled with folks who have been. I am floored saddened and blown away by it. The me too … for me … as hard as I’ve tried … feels like a reminder of all the times that I too, have been guilty, of being complicit in someone else’s guilt. I’m sorry. When minorities claim we need the privileged to step up for us in race discussions, I get it. Which is why posting this “me too” makes so much sense. Women — I guess actually anyone who’s been victimized — need the privileged and protected to step up in this discussion as well, and it’s no different.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for all you’ve done to take steps forward to ensure this isn’t some oddly privileged empathy … consider me woke. (Note: I’m also thankful I had a teacher recommend that I read Simone De Beauvoir my freshman year of college. Along with slave narratives, crimes of war, and a handful of other books … helped me actively seek information in an effort to keep my eyes wide open.)

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