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When we moved into Jersey City we had reserved the downstairs bedroom for our first kid. I had an image in my head of where I wanted to take it and with some vision, with a Craigs List illustrator to help bring it to life, we created this scene across two walls in the bedroom — weaving a path through my favorite stories as a child and ultimately, through what became Anaiya (and later Jaanu’s) favorite stories as well.

I miss this room. I loved going into it. Every night before Anaiya went to bed she’d say goodnight to each character and it’s those kinds of rituals that I’ll never forget.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful we were able to have fun and bring this to life; and I love that we brought that same energy to our new house.

I hope when the kids see rooms and walls, they’re inspiration around what they can turn a space into is open and unconstrained. Every wall you see every space you see, is truly a canvas as long as you ask the most powerful question … how?

Love FB for bringing this room back to me today. I needed the dose of inspiration and a reminder of the energy that was.

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I’ve been lucky enough to write and publish a few stories that are deeply meaningful to me.

In doing so, I’ve been able to celebrate some ideas in a way that I believe makes the kids who read them curious, empathetic, and maybe most importantly … feel equipped to bring about change in the world.

Dream Village, Where Kids Build Better Tomorrows

My dream. My side hustle. It’s a modest endeavor but on a day like today it really lifts my spirits.

I want to thank the amazing Story Time with Mr. Limata for featuring Today’s the Day this week, of all weeks, when covering the topic of childhood friendship. The story covers bullying too (fits the times) and also pediatric cancer.

It’s more than a true story, too. It’s more than one true story.

It’s three. Interwoven. That was my contribution. Bringing the stories together.

In some ways this is my favorite story.

Because it brings together the lives of three girls who I think the world of. I want to thank Erin QuinnLeena Patel for letting me write a story about their girls.

And I want to thank Reshma Shah for allowing me to tell a story of this amazing little girl who changed my life. Our family’s lives.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for being a part of this. I am also just ridiculously moved right now.

And thanks Mr Limata. Udabes.

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