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TMLFYI… | Musical

Anaiya Music Pano

Not in a hip hop way. Like when nobody’s around and I drop lyrics on you in a flow that isn’t disruptive to your eardrums without compromising
the integrity of the song (good hip hop like good folk music can withstand changes to music, IMHO.)

Today my love for you is musical in a kiddie musical kind of way. Why? Because Mommy took you and me to our first music class today. Wow, were you adorable. First off, you were the youngest by a mile. The closest was Alton who’s 10 months old. After that, everyone was in — gulp — YEARS!

Anaiya Music

But you held your own my baby. The interesting thing for me was that we showed up and you were already in sleep mode. Yawning on the stroller ride over. Full stomach in tow. I mean, these were prime sleeping conditions for you. But we got there, and the music was playing, and the teacher was singing, and you were all about it. Not a peep. Not a tear. Maybe a yawn or two. But otherwise, you were invested in this class. Sitting on your Mommy’s lap (let it be known that I was the only Daddy within miles of this class.) 

You love music, baby. You love when your Mom sings “Happy” to you. You love when your Fia sings to you (just about anything.) You love when certain music plays in the background. And though nobody really knows it, you actually enjoy it when I’m rapping to you. So this makes sense.

But you also don’t always do things that make sense. Like when you fight sleep and shake your head to keep yourself awake. That doesn’t make sense. It’s awesome and adorable and cruel to watch at the same time. But it doesn’t make any sense.

You know what makes sense though? You loving this moment as much as I did.

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TMLFYI… | No Myth

“She’s been fussy since Friday.”

“It’s Thursday.”

“Yeah. That’s why we’re calling again.”

24×7 nurse support can sometimes only be so helpful.

It’s amazing how parents cope with a fussy child. It is our job to work our way through every scenario and in the simplest of terms, make things better. To soothe. By any means necessary. The options aren’t radical and the permutations often fit on a 3×3 grid. She needs to be changed. She needs to be burped. She needs to be fed. At least that’s where the problem solving starts. In the heat of the moment, with tears flowing and lungs swelled, you can sometimes forget or overlook one of the options or frustratingly, choose the wrong order. Yet with practice you have a roadmap that becomes second nature, and with a better understanding of your baby’s fidgets and cries, you even get pretty good at knowing where to start.

But not always, at least for us at 5.5 weeks, not yet. Even soothing sometimes takes you off the beaten path. What we have learned over the past week is that sometimes, maybe (just maybe) she’s just looking for, someone to dance with.

(Bonus points if you’re like Astaire overseas.)

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