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“THE B-Line” or BREAKFAST: Priya KC Bhatt loves brunch and breakfast. To watch her eat is sometimes as satisfying as to eat yourself. She just enjoys it so much. A good brunch. I don’t know if I enjoy anything that much (maybe good standup?)

It’s a a full heart, body, mind, soul moment (stole that from my business partner, David Sudolsky).

For breakfast on Valentine’s Day I made a thing for her. I’ve always enjoyed turning dinners and leftovers and spare parts into an indulgent breakfast. Like taking samosa a and chutneys and turning them into a spicy frittata. Or using leftover pastries and making bread pudding.

In this case, I used the rich Sunday gravy I made for our parents anniversary as a way to tie this breakfast together.

Key thing? Outside of the sauce (which you can substitute any vegetarian or meat sauce with some success I’d gather) the breakfast took minutes. Which is all we have these days with two young’uns running around on a Sunday morning.

Two pans one saucepan and you can multitask and assemble this quickly. Stuff to do before the pans come out?

1) Cook the bacon.

2) Get the sauce warming.

Step 1: Cook the bacon. Before it stiffens create a nest. Use a circular plate helps. Substitute? Skip the bacon. Use roasted broccoli or kale that’s well seasoned (soy sauce, nutritional yeast, etc).

Step 2: Whole Foods Olive Loaf. Thick sliced. Slathered with butter, garlic, Italian herbs, sea salt. Pam fried on the grill. Plate it inside/atop the bacon nest. Substitute? Any thick bread that can hold the butter and all that’s about to follow without becoming a soggy mess.

Step 3: Fried egg in that same butter. Sunny side up but for Priya a quick flip to seal it while keeping the egg runny. Rest atop the olive slice. Substitute? Chickpeas. With black salt. Seriously.

Step 4: Place egg atop loaf. 1-2 eggs is dope.

Step 5: Cover with sauce. Make sure some of the egg is exposed so when you slice it you see the yoke drizzle through the loaf, next and sauce. Substitute? Any tomato sauce. Need something acidic as well as rich.

Step 6: Top this rich, spicy, acidic, buttery, unctuous stack with a bright, chilled, burrata and crack black pepper generously atop it. Substitute? Be careful. If you’re to this point maybe just leave it be.

Eat. It. Right. Away.

It’s called the B-Line because it’s a bee line straight to someone’s heart!

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful that little things like this fill her heart and tummy. I got a few pings about this so I figure I’d share the recipe in detail here.

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Trial & Error | Spiral Slicer | 15 Minute Breakfast

Spiral 4 I threw out my back a few days ago. Why? Because I’m old. And my body is about 20 years older than I am. It’s a good feeling to be only 39 but have all the aches, pains, and physical ailments of someone approaching retirement.

What that means is for the past three days I’ve been pretty worthless as a Dad. Priya’s had to do most of the work for Anaiya; I can sit and feed her, maybe change her, but really, I’m worthless.

I woke up this morning feeling a little better but still worthless. Priya was scrambling to get ready for a family event and I could do so little to help. Except try and make her breakfast. In her scramble to get through the morning she wasn’t going to eat. She wasn’t going to have time for it. I had to do what I could to help on this front. I looked at the new veggie spiral slicer I bought, saw one remaining potato, was inspired.

In 15 minutes I whipped up a solid breakfast and actually redeemed myself a little bit. A tad. The moral of this story? Buy a veggie spiral slicer. It’s amazing.

Eggs Over Easy, on Nested Hashbrowns


  • Potato (1)
  • Egg (1)
  • Salty Cheese (Feta, Parmesan, Asiago)
  • Olive Oil
  • Salt
  • Pepper


  • Prep your potato. If you have a spiral slicer, you’re talking about a minute of screwing the potato into Spiral 2the slicer. If you have a grater, you’re talking a little more time. I rinsed and scrubbed the potato, left the skin on, and got after it. In a minute, I had a pile of beautifully spiral shredded potato.
  • Get ready to cook. Get your frying pan out and get it cooking. No oil. Just heat the pan. Medium/high. When you get the pan on the heat take the potato in your hand and squeeze the crap out of it. Remove excess water. Best done in a cheese cloth or a light kitchen towel; but for one potato, hands are fine. Do it over the sink. Squeeze. Check the pan as it should now be hot. Add a Tbsp of olive oil, maybe less (with a hot pan, you need less oil since it thins and spreads more evenly more quickly due to the heat.)
  • Cook the potato. Lay the potato around the pan evenly. Make sure everything’s interconnected, like a bird’s nest. Cover. Reduce to medium heat. Let cook for about 5 minutes. Remove the cover. Turn the potato (it should flip all together at this point.) Add a little oil if you want and then cook open on medium heat for another 5 minutes.
  • Remove the potato and cook the egg. Slide the potato onto a plate and crack a little salt and pepper on it. Layer on the cheese. It should be a crispy nest at this point and the cheese will lightly melt but maintain it’s shape. Maintain the heat on the pan; no need to further oil it since you did a good job of that with the potato. I like the egg sunny side up; Priya likes it over easy. I split the difference. 🙂
  • Prep the plate. The egg should cook in about 2-3 minutes. Slide it onto the potato nest, crack a little more sea salt and pepper on top, and serve. It’s beautiful. Healthy. Simple. Filling. And it made Priya happy. Win. Win.

Spiral 3 Spiral 1


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