The text threads on the RU men’s basketball game are tough. Everyone is focused on it being a tough loss.

For those who don’t know, Rutgers in many ways, gave away the game. It was textbook playing not to lose by changing sets, approaches, all the things that had given them what should’ve been a strong lead going into the final minutes.

People look at this chart (texted by a neighbor, empathetically I assure you!) and focus on the precipitous drop from a near certain probability of winning to the ultimate loss.

And I get it. We normalize things so quickly that by the 4 minute mark of the 2nd Half everyone had forgotten about where we started and locked in a new baseline probabibilty of winning.

Maybe I’m crazy. But I still say, if you told me going into this game we’d have a chance to beat the #2 team in our bracket, with what could have been the final possession, I’d have been blissful.

So I go to bed happy. The team played great. And the program learned a ton. #iamgrateful and #ismthankful for having the chance.

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