I love questions. Why is the most important question. The first question. To ask.

But how, I feel like in this day an age, where information is abundant (so you can understand why quickly), “how” is the most powerful.

How shifts from understanding reason to understanding opportunities, approaches, pathways.

It’s my favorite question at work as well.

Watching Anaiya with a KiwiCo Crate is entrancing. She’s relentlessly focused on testing, learning, troubleshooting. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for these times.

Priya and I are here, watching, reading our own books, asking her what she’s up to periodically but mostly, she addresses us and gets back to being engrossed in her Kiwi Crate.

Spring is all about growth, flourishing. She’s doing just that. In front of our eyes. Ain’t she wonderful?

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