I share a lot on Facebook. People sometimes wonder why.

First, and functionally, it’s easier to post my thoughts on FB than on my blog. Posting here is so much easier; I wish WordPress would get it.

Second, it’s sometimes, maybe every once in a while, helpful to someone else. At my significance, if my words are helpful to a single person every once in a while, well, I’m likely maximizing my potential and value.

May be an image of 12 people and people smiling

But most importantly, for me, selfishly, one of the best parts about FB is how it brings your moments back; and places them right in front of your face. We all know we’re loved. We all know we’ve had good times. We all know we’ve made great memories.

And we all have days when we forget them. How do you orchestrate happy reminders? How do you surprise yourself in a structured way?

Well…post beautiful, honest, authentic, and happy moments here. Do it every day. So when you do turn to Facebook, it’s the place you want it to be. It’s the positive reminder of the good you’ve experienced.

Every. Damn. Day.

With that as an aside; 3 years ago we were joined by HUNDREDS of people for a FEW hours to celebrate ONE person, my Daddy, who in one LIFETIME lived many.

It was one of the most beautiful memorials I’ve been a part of. And the thing I remember most, is consistently telling people that “We’re going to be here for a while; you came, we appreciate you, do not feel bashful about not staying the whole time. It’s going to be long!”Yet…it looked like nobody left.

And when it was over, my mom was surrounded by waves of love coming at her from all sides. Really. People just swarmed.Mumma felt peace that day, for the first time in a month.

Tita did too.

One of the highlights for me was how many of my friends told me they learned a lot about Daddy that day.

When you’re here. You’re human. But when you’re gone. You’re stories.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful to Facebook for creating a platform we can use to create the spaces we need. To remind us of the good. And to remind us of the stories we never want to forget.

F&*$ man. I love you all. Thanks to everyone who made this day so magical and helped bring our family so much peace. Udabes.

PS – The real highlight was Anaiya on the mic. She was and continues to be, ridiculous. Just. Ridiculous.

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