People have been asking me about my home setup for a while. I’m really proud of it. It’s also helped me get healthy. On the average workday since December, I walk about 6 miles (the last few weeks I’ve been pushing 10, even 12.5…all while working.)

When the pandemic hit I lost my office upstairs (Priya needed it for her calls more than I did because of the nature of her work). I needed to create a working environment that gave me the flexibility to move around downstairs (different rooms, lighting, backdrops depending on the nature of the call or interview).

Practically speaking, I needed to be around the kids and be able to get away from the kids in spurts, quickly, as work demanded and their distractions afforded.

I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money.

I quickly found a desk that was perfect. I stand all day. It’s light and slim profile so even when I’m not using it, it can be put in the family room and kind of blend right in. It can adjust from sitting to standing to hybrid and it’s awesome. For $75 on Amazon.


This comes in huge when the kids are home and I have to work. Because I can find space to do both and adapt to them, chsnging full locations to be with them without losing productivity (and my monitor and video setup!)

In the Fall, I found a treadmill for $300 on Amazon. A slim, low profile treadmill but it’s perfect. Because I’m able to roll my desk over to it and hop on whenever I am on a call that doesn’t require me to write or be active typing/creating.


(I found this on sale, there are plenty of slim treadmills for $320)

For $400 I have an ideal setup

One that lets me:

– Sit or stand

– Move to any room or space on our ground floor

– Has two screens comfortably (my laptop and the curved monitor I use- slides easily over our treadmill so I can get on for a walk in seconds

– Has everything plugged into one mounted power strip so all I have to do is plug in one plug and my laptop, monitor, cell, everything is all set and charging.

– Bonus: I have more surface area to hang the art my kids give me

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for creatively working through this setup and it’s been on fire for about a year now (the treadmill only a few months).

That’s the thing: time exists. We do have more of it than we appreciate. How do you take the time you have and make it more valuable and productive. I’m lucky that my job allows me to explore working more productively this way.

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