I was taking to a loved one recently and couldn’t shake the conversation. This person was taking a lot. Life felt relentless.

I was asked if I’d ever heard of vibration theory and reiki.

I had. Years back. I dated a girl whose family was into it and so, like we do for all people we care for, we immerse ourselves in their interests. I don’t think she knows how much I read actually. That’s a different story.

But the timing of this loved ones place was fascinating for me.Because I remember one principle that stuck with me from exploring vibrations and reiki was this idea of being water, of being a body of water. Accepting all things the world hurls at you.

Each thing makes an impact. A splash. A leaf. A pebble. A Boulder. You can’t stop what’s hurled at you. You can’t stop it from making impact.

But you can stop it from rippling.

It’s been, 14 or so years, since I had that thought.

Since then? Many ripples.

#iamgrateful and #iamtankful for what listening to someone else’s challenges sparked me to recalibrate for myself (while I Shared this with that loved one at the time.)

People talk about ripple effects in so many ways.


Butterfly effect.

But we rarely think about our ability to manage them. In some cases to expand them.

But in others, to eliminate them or manage them tightly. To take them all and let them…sink.

Sometimes, drops, should have no ripples.

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