Got my first dose vaccine today. It was the most structured and efficient healthcare experience I’ve had.


The volunteers in East Brunswick were kind, helpful, informed.

And present.

Vaccine debates in some cases, are valid. Our history with medical experimentation on certain communities is not a stain that wipes away easily.

For people with that context, we hear you. Vaccine debates that anchor in personal freedoms and misinformation, I struggle with. My understanding of freedom doesn’t start and end with what I can and can’t do, it acknowledges that my freedom must respect everyone else’s as well, and more importantly, is governed by civic responsibility. But above all, this brings me one step closer to the people I love.

Full stop.

And I thank everyone who made it and today possible.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the vaccine. For science and for how fast these came to market as a result of vaccination advancements since H1N1.

We’re one step closer to being closer to our loved ones and loving our loved ones more closely.

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