HBD Babe! Your birthday was the last “event” we celebrated pre-COVID and today (and this past weekend) we celebrated in ways that showed just how adaptable we’d become to this new way of living. Delivered food and drinks. Zooms and (failed) Google Meets and Houseparty. Virtual celebrations. “Group Texts” galore.

And not skipping a beat.

Also ,,, can you imagine these things happening let alone being essential to your birthday celebration a year ago? WTH?!?!?That’s what the last year has taught us. To be, adaptable. To adapt.

Judging by this weekend, we’ve found our way forward.

Hopefully, you felt the love you deserve, want, desire, and have earned. From us. From your family. From your friends. And from the world.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful that through all the haymakers the world has thrown our way, we continue to find our way.

Look no further than these smiles as evidence and proof.

Love you Priya KC Bhatt. Here’s to what’s behind us making it clear that we can conquer what’s ahead of us.

Shout out Dyson. The Air Wrap is a hit. PS – For those wondering on that food tip, the way to Priya’s heart is through her stomach. The homemade breakfast in that circular dish is called “The B Line” because it’s the “bee line to her heart” and is as follows:

Slice of olive loaf, spread with garlic butter, and pan fried.

Topped with a fried egg over easy.

Topped with homemade Sunday Gravy (rib eye and pork rib based).Topped with truffle burrata.

Topped with fresh cracked pepper.

Nested atop a loose weave of crispy bacon.

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