I woke up at 230am. It’s amazing where the internet will take you. I’ve learned that typically when I wake up at that time going back to sleep is a futile and frustrating endeavor.

So I just lean into it; and work and read and surf. Alternating.

It often leads to amazing discoveries. Like this, from Nike, with a great back story. In essence, in 2008, Nike CEO found out that the company’s first employee had a stroke and lost the use of one hand, he instantly commissioned their top designer to create a functional shoe for someone with an inability to tie their shoes. For a universe of one.

They built and delivered that shoe to the individual and in 2015, turned it into a prototype to take to scale. And in 2021, we’re set for its release.

The Flyease.


This represents the best of Corporate America, productism, and the infinite expansion of goods.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful that at a company as powerful as Nike, the compassion from one person (CEO) for another (their first employee having a stroke) can spark an altruist gesture first (we’re going to make YOU a shoe) that can then be taken to scale to serve so many other people in need.

I, think of my mom. And can’t wait to buy her these.

I appreciated your support of Kapernick,

Nike. But I love you for this whole darned thing.


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