Thanks to everyone who reached out. It was kind and also a little funny. 🙂 Because it wasn’t a huge deal but I felt I owed it to myself to write it out.

I shared this because I committed to getting back to writing and sharing things

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for and I aso wanted to acknowledge that there are days where it can be hard, or feel hard, in specific moments.

You can’t win every day and moment. Yesterday I could have been more honest with myself about it. I’d prided myself on my approach with the kids for the few weeks of 2021 we had. I was even proud of myself for the lengths I went to yesterday morning.

May be a cartoon of food and text that says 'DAYS WITHOUT ACCIDENT'

But I was happiest about the moment I realized I had to take space and let go. I sat in a recliner upstairs for a few minutes. Got a hug from my wife Priya KC Bhatt who knows how hard I am on myself for these though, fewer and farther between.

Because only when I acknowledged it could I fully go back, talk to the kids about it, apologize for my behavior so they would learn to do the same for their own.

And they did. When they woke up from their naps (they were just tired, I knew it, and I should have forced a nap) they keep with the most adorable acknowledgements of their own. That’s good stuff. 🙂

But I’m also writing it because I want it to follow me and remind me. More than anything I want to remember how I could have done better and then, I want to do better and model better.

Hopefully that’s the takeaway for the small few of you who read this.

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