It’s poetry, that January 20th is The International Day of Acceptance.


Symbolically a day of major change and transition.

Starts as first, a day of acceptance. The day was defined for the world to accept disability. To honor those who face disabilities in any form, and a day for those individuals to receive that embrace from the world.

Today though, acceptance takes on an even broader definition. Acceptance symbolically applied maybe to all of us in the US.Of what happened.Of where we are.Of what we need to do and be from today on.

You can’t progress until you first acknowledge and accept.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the symbolism of today. For those who accept. And I feel for those who struggle to.

You can’t let go. You can’t move on. Until you accept truths, however painful and counter to your own beliefs and values.

I believe we will move forward, better, today. I am hopeful.

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