As I watch our President white knuckle his release of power. Power he lawfully gained, and power he convincingly and lawfully lost, I’m reminded of John Dickson, Humilitas, and humility.

“humility is not low self-esteem, groveling, or losing our distinct gifts. Instead, humility both recognizes our inherent worth and seeks to use whatever power we have at our disposal on behalf of others.”

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for this reminder.

We are here to become our best selves (first) and then to direct that in service of all and everyone around us.…/dp/0310328624

Regardless of what’s returned. Service with an expectation of returned response puts a limit on that service’s potential. It will likely be individual.

Service, with an expectation that it will only be paid forward, well that’s a momentum creating event. It can be perpetual.

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