I love peanut butter 15 years ago I had a vision of creating a line of premium nut butters call “Nut Bhatter”. It would have killed.

The one I wanted to make the most was at that time unthinkable. Macadamia Nuts were like the saffron of nuts.

The idea died and also killed a piece of me inside when I saw the surge in nut butters and alternative nut butters over the past 5 years.

Another opportunity missed.

Now I’m just a fan.

And this may be the best of all the nut butters out there.


Anyone who knows me well knows my take on the ultimate single pancake topping is salted honey butter. It’s decadent.

This brings those flavors to a thicker spread that complements everything peanut butter does so workmanlike.

Let me be clear; nothing beats peanut butter.

But sometimes, peanut butter needs a day off.

A night off.

And that’s when it’s Macadame Time.



And when it does,

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the alternatives.And for the internet for making it so darned easy to stock our pantry.

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