I found myself drinking a lot of coffee a year ago. Mindlessly. However much I’d make I’d drink. And often that would be 32-3r ounces pressed in my Bodum.

I love my coffee.

Like Billy Joel said, “as dark as night (night night night night)”.

But making it mindlessly allowed me to drink it mindlessly.

So I gave it up for all intents and purposes on my birthday. I had it. Maybe once every week or two. But not 32-34 ounces daily.

May be an image of drink

As winter hit I found myself needing a warm cuppa but tea, even the magical MUD\WTR, wasn’t good enough.

So I evolved my coffee game. Bought a beautiful manual mill from Skerton. Just the crank dials you into what you’re making. I wanted something that would make me aware of what I was consuming.

Then, a smaller volume but slightly more complex press from Bodum. Having to lock it, and flip the spout open as you pour, all things that slowed down my coffee making today.

Which ended up slowing down my coffee drinking as well.

It was also the best cup I’ve made. Partially the process, but we know, also the effort and experience.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for slower, more deliberate coffee in the morning. I don’t see nothing wrong, with a little buzz and grind.

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