I love hops. Chewing on them. Pickling them. Forcing beer back through them. Overpowering my palate with them. I love them.

I love drinking liquids. Coffee and tea. Beer wine and booze. Doesn’t matter. I love it. But the past few months I’m trying hard to find alternatives and have dove into everything from Kin Euphorics to CLEAN Cause. Solid. Great. But they didn’t scratch the itch for a complex, floral, fragrant drink without the sugary backlash or alcoholic hangover.

I found a dream come true a few weeks ago. I’m throwing these back 2-3 a day when I have them and they’re magical. Open “The Really Hoppy One” and I ASSURE you the nose will carry you to your favorite session IPA.

Fight me.

Thanks to the Hoplark HopTea squad. This is a new category and I’m heads over ABV in love. I’m buying a house so I can buy a fridge so I can then buy a second fridge and dedicate it to HopTea.

Available at every Whole Foods Market. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful I tripped and fell into a taste and the rest is hist—future.

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