You May claim The Wire. That’s so cute. When people claim a show where a whole season is ignored in the calculation? Or The Sopranos? To me foundational. But as much as we love originals nobody loves the Model T or drives it today for a reason (head nod).

Breaking Bad ran the world. I caught it on opening night and all that jazz. It’s the perfect show. Game of Thrones let us a down. We know. BB never did. I mean…never.

But what I love is that I turned it on after I had agreed to date this one woman exclusively.

Her name?


My wife. And here we are.

Same night.

But 10 years later. I’m watching where they take this story and it’s so different. The context. Art mirrors life. Life makes way for art. But 10 years later this story is alive. With all it’s own twists and turns. Just like ours, babe.

Oh eff it.

#iamgtateful and #iamthankful for the next 2 hours like whoa. With you passed out next to me in bed I’ll forge through this on my phone as far as it’ll let me. There’s poetry here.

I’ll get to that later.

Let the reviews roll in.



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