We wrote a kids book about the importance of shoes, and one way to talk to kids about how every “thing” has value beyond “just” what you perceive. The team at Soles4Souls liked it enough to want to work with us. So, starting on 11/19, 100% of the proceeds from every version of Just Shoes we sell goes directly to S4S projects. it for someone (a kid, but not required) for the holidays. It’ll be worth it.

It’s a good book. Buy it if you want to spark your kids to into a discussion about the environment, about giving back, about … big topics and ideas you knew they could handle but couldn’t always find the way to start a conversation with them about.

Dream Village, Where Kids Build Better Tomorrows is humbled that S4S thinks enough of us to let us put their name in our work. We’re even more humbled that they think enough of us to more formally make us a part of their mission.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful that our vision for expanding the reach of our stories and the impact of your purchases and investments is taking the next step.

Note: We’ve got other books and other announcements coming soon. Let’s start here.

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