Imagine a group of friends getting together with a simple idea: finding a way to help their kids make an impact and give back. Imagine that idea being perfectly timed, with the giving season. Imagine the idea being, kids bringing gifts to wrap and give, to other kids in need.

And that’s it. Imagine that group of friends finding a way to do it in the most magically sustained and organic of ways. Finding venues. Doing the work. Watching the word spread of their altruistic efforts. Imagine.

If you imagine that, you’ll want to learn more about what Unity SME is doing every holiday season and has been for year.

May be an image of 8 people and people smiling

Santas Lil’ All Stars. Which has expanded to over 10 cities around the US…and when the tally is counted, you’ll have thousands of gifts given. It’s the purest and most powerful form of giving.

And it’s arrived in such a powerful way because the people behind it have come at it with the purest of intentions.Please read more about Unity SME.

Please actively follow the #santaslittleallstars hashtag. And please, if you’re interested, attend, or bring this to your city next year. It’s a magical event.

Ekata DoshiSapana PatelMeeta KalawadiaTapan PatelMilan Kalawadia … you all … humble at scale. Amazing job today. #Iamgrateful and #iamthankful to know you.

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