How many of you have been stuck at an airport and complained about it? I was stuck a de Gaulle for 14 hours because of a snowstorm. I hugged my backpack, found my way to an open bench, pitied myself to sleep until restaurants opened for food like 8 hours later. But this woman. Wow. And the folks in the video? Wow.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for the folks out there who really do make lemonade. Mahshid Mazooji runs the world IMHO. Thanks to Mark Andrew Reed for sharing this post. And a tribute to my Lionel Richie fans (heck, the man even Tweeted this with a shoutout to her moonwalk which is legit!) I think of Anu Kiran and Sapna Bhuta McCarthy and Anuja Silady when I hear this song. Without. Fail. Watch the video. See how it feels, yeah!

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