I’m good. A handful of good conversations this evening. All motivating and positive. Whether it was my daughter and I connecting on how … she kind of wasn’t nice all day today … and getting to a place where hopefully next time she leads with “I’m tired and that’s why I’m frustrated?” Whether it was some friends and I who have had a social impact idea we’ve been trying to do as a small way to make the world a tad bit better. Or a conversation with my wife who’s doing so much coordination across so many schedules just to make this weekend work.

Or with my Mumma, who moves a million miles an hour in every direction for everyone who asks. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful that I’m surrounded by a bunch of people … who can’t stop, and who won’t stop. And as a result, who help me keep moving. I’m keeping on keeping on.

Thanks for the chats and motivations tonight even if you didn’t realize it. Also…”girl” pop is the only pop.

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