On the eve of Game 5, the debate on MJ vs LBJ has quieted and we’re spending a little more time on KD vs LBJ, and how even LBJ vs MJ isn’t even a worthwhile discussion. I hated MJ when he played. And regret not embracing his awesome while he was alive so I could just appreciate. His retirement changed how I watched sports. I stopped rooting blindly for my own teams and started appreciating greatness. In all forms. Even moreso after Anaiya and then Jaan was born. Watching any and all sports has become much more positive as a result. And FWIW, if I’m going to obsess over anyone involved with sports, it’s going to be Zach Lowe (can someone get this guy to start writing about politics — if our political journalism was half as nuanced, informed, well researched and consistently shipped as his work, we’d be a smarter country.) But I do enjoy VSB. And this article from June 1st finally made it to the top of my Pocket list, and I read through it a few times (it’s not lengthy).

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for for Damon Young from VerySmartBrothas.com … for articles like this. Just like we’ll be judging more and more businesses for how they get their business done, we’ll be judging our athletes for how they handled themselves as well. http://verysmartbrothas.com/lebron-james-may-or-may-not…/ … civic and social responsibility mean more now than they ever have before, but that’s partially because we lived through a time where they mattered … not too much at all.


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