I’ve tried to define these two. I get questions all the time about why I chose both. I’m not sure. I like the idea of some rhythm and reinforcement. I think a single point could get lost. But two, there’s something harder to lose in that message. (Those who know me are probably surprised I didn’t go with three — but that’s simply out of space limitations and a desire to respect the economics of a FB post.) Nevertheless, I thought I’d spend a few moments digging in on the two words. And this post came up:….

So let’s do this and understand the difference. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for this clear definition of both words. Thankful, is a feeling. It’s easy. It’s natural. If you embrace it, it can be supremely honest and momentum building. Humbling not to imply a lowering or lack of importance of oneself, but rather the elevation of the actions of another. Not a zero sum game either mind you. But grateful. That’s the hard one. Being grateful requires taking an action. Being grateful is manifested in actions. < It’s an area where I repeatedly fall short. Here’s to doing better.

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