The family you choose. Sometimes unwittingly, the family that chooses you in spite of your willingness to acknowledge them as family. What a moving story. Sure the father/daughter parts tug at me, but the friendship aspects are even more…puissant (merci, France.) When I read stories like this I always think back to some of the stories that move my dad to tears. Indian workers with such integrity that they’d forego a day’s meals for their families…and often do. I wonder how much of it is religious, cultural, the inability to separate the two. I think in the end it’s proximal. I read a story like this and it gives context to the piece that’s been circulating about how in America, the richest give 1.3% of their income to charity and the poorest give some 3%+. Proximity. So let’s read this, and be moved.

#iamgrateful and #iamthankful for all those people who act when the “experience of need” fits within your “locus of control.” That’s when magic happens. Thanks to my bro Raman Singh who liked this page and brought it to my attention as a result.

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