Sho’ ’nuff. This morning Anaiya and I were hanging window jellies. Between window jelly hanging moments, she collects the jellies on our parents white window sill. Which, pending any temperature variance, causes the jelly color to leech into the white paint on the windowsill. Meaning: stains. I’ve talked to Anaiya about leaving the jellies on the window instead of the sills. Today she saw the stains and launched into a series of thoughts and sentences that brought me to my knees. Every single time I think I am incapable of more love, she does something that unlocks an entirely new level of emotion. Like a secret code in a NAMCO video game. What did she say? The video was a recap. I asked her to restate all she said. But basically: 1) oh, that’s my mistake; 2) I will clean it; 3) (when I offered to help she said) and you don’t have to help because it’s my fault and I will do it; and 4) mistakes happen and it’s ok; 5) (and when water didn’t work) maybe we can get more towels and soap and scrub it. Look. You guys probably think I am ridiculous for how much this moved me. But I can’t think of a more powerful manifestations of all the conversations we have with her. Ownership. Accountability. Confidence. Effort. Forward looking.

So let’s do this. #iamgrateful and #iamthankful for this…gift and treasure and present of a child. With moments that prop up my entire world, and moments for which, she sho’ ’nuff deserves props. Thanks, magic.

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