After 4 years, basically to the day (we moved in Super Bowl weekend), we’ve sold our place and we’re moving out. We’ve gone from being a couple, to being a family. And we stuffed every nook and cranny (can anyone from the 80’s hear “nook and cranny” and not want a Thomas’ English Muffin topped with butter?) of this 2BR place full of love and memories. Priya KC Bhatt you and I became even closer here. We found our stride (even moreso the past couple of months.) You became the amazing mother this picture exemplifies. Anaiya developed her generosity, grace, genius, and gumption in this place. Jaan found his chill, in this place. But in the end, when the four of us put our arms around each other and walk out that door on 2/25, one final teardrop on the saddle of our door as we leave (it will be mine, we all know that) we’ll leave a family and for all the house we’re leaving behind, we’ll know that home will be … wherever we find ourselves next.

#Iamgrateful and #Iamthankful for all that this place made possible, and for all that it protected us from. All that the walls reflected back when appropriate, and absorbed when we needed them to. May the buyers find in it infinite happiness and all the blessings and goodwill this place is capable of bringing. (FYI, if you’re wondering where we’re headed, we’re moving in with our wonderful parents in Edison, NJ while we absorb the shock of being houseless (but never homeless) and plot our next step.)

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