It’s amazing that I keep going back to what has become one of my favorite quotes of … ever. From the one and only George W Bush in a speech after the tragic shootings in Dallas this past July: “Too often, we judge other groups by their worst examples while judging ourselves by our best intentions”. That’s it, isn’t it. Stewart nails it below too. Best part? A friend from business school who typically stands on the other side of the political spectrum as I do, is the one who shared this. positively. (We also respect people more when they’re gone, and spend too much time tearing them down when they are here…different story). We’ve got friends coming over on Sunday who fit what JS says below. Great people. People we love. People who are smart as hell. Who voted for Trump. And I can’t monolithically categorize them while affording myself the flexibility to be nuanced. Can’t. Never have. Won’t. Man. GW nailed the crux of what ails us as a nation.

#Iamgrateful and #Iamthankful for this post and few others I’ve seen over the past few days. I’m spending all my time in the godd*mn middle of these conversations. Thanks for the share Nick Palmisciano. <I’m not saying you agree with my interpretation of any of this, but I liked your share. It’s also an inspiration for the resistance. If you opposed Trump as a human, you’ll lose credibility. Fight him on the issues. Debate what matters. But rally people who want to be on your side, to your side, by showing nuance. When you fall victim to tweet storms and the like, you’re letting yourself be played. When you spend 3 days on “alternative facts” instead of “3 seconds”, you’ve already lost your fight. Finally, the only monolith I see is that there’s a massively underserved population in the US. It’s not black. it’s not white. It’s not Latino. IT’s POOR. (That skews a certain color) but above being sexist, racist, mysoginist….sometimes I feel like we’re classist. The problem is, instead of people and voices picking our Presidents, it’s dollars and sense. It’s still a representative Democracy … just representative of cash not class.

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