TMLFYI… | A Pathway

We wanted your room to be magical, little one. We wanted it to conjure up excitement, and energy, and inspiration, and happiness. We wanted you to enter your room and feel happy. We wanted other people to enter your room and feel magic. We wanted a set of decorations that were worthy of you.

We tried our hardest.

But perhaps more than anything, I personally wanted a room that I loved. That I adored. That reflected everything I want for you.

I can’t tell you the pressure I was feeling to bring together a vision that would allow us to achieve that. And I think we did. I feel like we did, munchkin. We could not have done it without the kind heart and hard work of Robert Gardner, a fantastic artist who fell in love with you before you were born by falling in love with this vision early on. We were lucky to find him.

And when you stare at Max and all his Wild Things while we’re changing you, I realize we actually did.

So today my love for you is a pathway. One that takes you to and through some amazing characters, lands and experiences.

I love you munchkin. Your room is filled with some of the greatest stories we have ever read. Apropos, because you are our greatest story.

Anaiya’s Bedroom

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