TMLFYI… | Stretching

Today My Love for you is Stretching. It’s all about stretching.

I could watch you do this for hours. And the interesting thing is, I have. There is no more adorable moment than watching you unfurl yourself and extend to the most far off points of your bassinet. You’ll turn. You’ll stretch. You’ll simultaneously shrink and compress your parts of your body while extending others — like your body is competing with itself. Everything will fluctuate. Side-to-side. Out and to the right, down and to the left. Straight as an arrow to crescent shaped.

I love it. At 7am before work, at 8pm after dinner, or at 2am when it’s usually just you, me and the TV (or the past few nights, Kindle and a book on getting you to sleep healthy.) I absolutely love it.Anaiya Running

I do not shy away from facts. And all evidence points to the fact that you are the greatest thing the world has ever seen (and the most adorable.) Happy one month birthday, munchkin. You’re stretching and expanding our definition of love in ways we could have never imagined before.

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